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I Want My Money Back! Losing Investors in Slicing Pie

Although I don’t think it happens very often (at least in my experience), sometimes people who invest their money in a startup get cold feet and want their money back. Conversely, founders may accept investments that they later decide they do not need. Slicing Pie is designed to accommodate unforeseen changes of heart when it […]

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How to Fire Your Landlord with Slicing Pie

Landlords who provide office, warehouse, farmland or other facilities to startups and do not get paid rent are contributing slices to the Pie using the non-cash multiplier. So, if your company is using a space that would normally rent for $1,000 a month and you’re using the recommended non-cash multiplier of 2, then each month […]

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Pie Slicer Update

We are happy to announce that in the wee hours of the morning on Monday, June 7, 2016 we will be launching an updated and enhanced version of the Pie Slicer software. Since launching the program over a year ago, thousands of Grunts have logged in to track contributions to their companies and determine a perfect split […]

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Risk Taken vs. Value Creation

Once in a while, someone will ask me why the Slicing Pie model isn’t based on value creation instead of the fair market value of the contributions made. The concept sounds reasonable: shouldn’t a person who creates the value reap the value? However, there are a number of problems with this approach that make value creation an […]

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The Fair Market Value of a Relationship

Slicing Pie uses fair market value as part of the formula for determining fair equity. I often get questions on how to value a relationship. Everyone on the planet will agree that relationships are important and valuable, but putting a fair market value on the relationship seems difficult. Relationships are only valuable if they can […]

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Fair Market Value

Slicing Pie uses fair market value as part of the formula for determining the perfect allocation of equity in a startup company. The fair market value is the price that a given property, asset or service would fetch in the marketplace, subject to the following conditions: Prospective buyers and sellers are reasonably knowledgeable about the asset; they […]

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Slicing Pie at the International Startup Festival in Montreal

Perfect equity splits for startups You and a partner go in “50/50” on a new business. You do all the work, he owns half the company. Now what? Traditional equity splits are never fair. Someone always has more than they deserve at the expense of others. Contrary to conventional wisdom, there is a simple method […]

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