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I haven't been able to put the book down. I'm an idea guy, and I've always been a little leery of working with people to help develop them for the equity question. I'm currently working on my very first start up, and I'm anxious to share this with my partner. This is an amazing resource for a guy like myself, and I'm looking forward to using this a guiding light to help avoid some pitfalls for any company I start in the future. Thank you again for this book. I don't think there's one thing I learned in college more important than the contents of your book.

Cliff Perez

Awesome book. I’ve been working on starting a startup together with a friend but we’ve never found a fair way to track our contributions (so we’ve been avoiding the topic). Slicing Pie is the answer we were looking for.

Rico Trevisan

Slicing Pie and it’s Grunt Fund concept has opened up huge possibilities and fueled my urgency to take this venture nationwide as I now know how I’m going overcome time and money challenges.

Jade Handy
Local Shop Hop

I wanted to personally thank you for writing “Slicing Pie” (just read it). I’m a young entrepreneur with several start-ups under my belt, and I’ve always struggled with the pre-revenue equity allocation. I’m struggling with it right now actually! Your book makes A LOT of sense to me, and I’m excited to start using the Grunt Fund in one of my current start-ups. So thank you again for being an inspirational author!

Ali Jafarian
Reflexion Yoga

Just wanted to say well done on Slicing Pie, seriously great book! I’ve read lots of books on business and entrepreneurship, about 1 every 2 weeks for 15 years. Yours is one of the best, just wanted to let you know.

Chris Rolls
Rental Express

This makes me happy about going into business. I truly believe this is how all businesses should be run. I’ll do whatever I can to spread the word about your book!

Joseph Tuchman

I’m sure you get a million of these a day, but I just wanted to write you and personally thank you for creating this simple system and sharing it. I can’t tell you the heartache that I’ve gone through, loosing a business partner and best friend to the evils of a poorly thought out equity spit. Never again!

Stu Waters

Loved it. Quite possibly changed my life

Joshua Pittman
Salad Box

You probably get this a lot, but I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your thoughts in Slicing Pie. It comes as a no-brainer, yet something I could have desperately used when failing to launch several times in the past. 

Dusan Vlajkovic

One of the most impressive aspects of Mike’s book is his accounting for the many different scenarios that can occur when partnering-up to start a company. The Excel docs available on his website allowed me to go right into a practical application of what was read. I am meeting with a potential partner/investor this week. As a result of reading the book I feel much more knowledgeable and confident, not just about the meeting, the potential for the business as well.

Tom McDonald
Car Logik

Great book… and a cool calculator too. You should be charging $500 bucks for this! The insight alone is worth ten times that.

David Worrell

I just wanted to let you know I read Slicing Pie and I thought it was fantastic! Thank you so much for writing such a comprehensive and easy to digest book on the subject – the best part about it is that it’s focused on being fair and I think that’s the most important thing.

Bhavik Trivedi

Read about you in Start Start Up yesterday, bought the book, downloaded the calculator, signed up to trial [Harvest] ] (LOVE IT!) and am listening to your podcast. OMG I think I love you. Reading the concept, applying it to a friends current small business that is using a very funky retail strategy to empower women & promote & develop skills development, particularly in indigenous communities. We have been tortured by the last piece to fall into place – how to value sweat equity. YOU are a gift from the Universe and I am so grateful I found you. I love the values that are evident behind what you do. Your mission to embed this model as your own life reward was powerful – more strength to your arm : ) I will do what I can to promote it for you. It is just so right. respectfully, Antoinette PS You are a very relatable fella, your writing has great clarity and your pod cast gave a very good sense of who you are and where you are coming from.

Antoinette Danaher
Uncommon Solutions

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and look forward to implementing the strategy. This book has provided the exact strategy that I was looking for. For me, this concept is like business crack…I can’t get enough! Just passed your information onto one of my clients. Fun, fun, fun!

Erica Lane

Mike, I just want to say a heart felt thank you for the deep work you’ve done to bring out this fantastic book. I attended a Finance Roundtable at UofC, heard your talk, and am not looking back. When I read the book, I felt like I was reading my future in the pages and I hope to distribute many many copies in the years to come.

Making workable partnership agreements is a subject I’ve wrestled with for years. I feel this is a simple and profound solution and, for the first time, confident to jump in. I’m retrofitting my current 50/50 and looking forward to seeing smoother and more productive collaborations in the future.

Joshua Ginter

I was at Start Houston last night when you presented. I thought it was absolutely great. So much so, I went to Amazon and ordered your book while I watched. You touched a very sensitive subject for me. In the past I avoided involving others in my projects because I didn’t know how to split equity in a way that I felt was fair to me. More than one of these had potential, but they were bigger than myself and I could have done more if I had help. More recently, the dread of the equity split actually prevented me from starting a project altogether. The grunt fund gives me the clear and fair solution to that problem. I’m so excited to learn more.

Joel Escobar

The Grunt Fund is the cleanest, clearest way to get any project off the ground. It’s easily understandable and cuts through the legal haze that can plague startups.

Brian Krohn
Mighty Axe Hops Hub

You’re a genius.

Mike Wilson

Mike – thank you so much for presenting today! It was a big success, lots of questions were asked, and people were very interested in learning more. In fact, I had one person tell me they already bought the book within the first 10 minutes and another person ask if you’d be willing to speak at their Meet Up for Milwaukee entrepreneurs!

Ann White
University of Chicago

Thank you for writing the book! Seriously has changed my life for the better. Having worked with Start-ups for a few years now I feel like a giant elephant just got off my back.

Alesha Bishop

After spending Friday night reading Slicing Pie and talking to people using the Grunt Fund, today I presented my two possible co-founders with my equity plan using the Grunt Fund and… I’m actually quite surprised at how well it was received! Not only that, but it forced us into necessary conversations about the direction, stability, and roles of our company that we found very fruitful.

Alec Matias

Slicing Pie is brilliant! You’ve cracked the code on a big problem for startups. I read this just in time!

Dave Linhardt

We had a nightmare that involved a shareholder who held a sizable portion of the company, and there was no buyout clause on his shares. We ended up paying way more than we should have to get his shares back.

We’ve since bought copies of Slicing Pie for all of the people who work at Lunar Giant. I’m happy to say that not only does everyone love the book, but our productivity has gone way up because there are no longer questions of “who gets what” lingering in our minds.

Jay Margalus
Lunar Giant

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