Although Slicing Pie is a universal, one-size-fits-all model for determining a perfectly fair equity split, implementing it really depends on your startup's local legal and tax environment. Rules throughout the world can be extremely nuanced and it is always helpful to work with an attorney who can provide guidance.

The lawyers below have been carefully selected because they understand intimately the Slicing Pie model and are willing to help their clients implement as cleanly as possible. Altering the model only makes it less fair. These lawyers can help you make good legal and tax choices for your situation.

I’m always on the lookout for good, cutting-edge lawyers who want to become a Slicing Pie lawyer, if you are one or know one, please let me know.

United States


Matt Rossetti

MIDWEST: Matt has counseled hundreds of attorneys and entrepreneurs around the world on the Slicing Pie model since early 2013. His practice focuses on his passion: helping startups and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. READ MORE...


Slicing Pie LLC Operating Agreement

The terms of Slicing Pie built into a US LLC Operating Agreement. Includes a free 30-minute overview discussion with Matt Rosetti


Roger Royse

WEST COAST: Roger works with companies ranging from newly formed tech startups to publicly traded multinationals in a variety of industries, including technology, entertainment and new media, sports, READ MORE...


Slicing Pie Corporate Vesting Agreement

Slicing Pie vesting for use in conjunction with a corporate shareholder agreement. Includes version with a Loyal Employee clause.



Jetse Sprey

THE NETHERLANDS: Jetse heeft een snelle en flexibele geest en nooit gebrek aan energie. Hij vindt oplossingen in plaats van problemen en is telkens weer in staat om impasses te doorbreken. READ MORE...


Dutch Agreement

Slicing Pie terms in a pre-incorporation agreement form. Includes implementation guide and 15-min consult.


Jana Nevrlka

SWITZERLAND: Jana is building a network of startup attorneys across Europe who can implement Slicing Pie contracts. READ MORE...


Swiss Agreement

Slicing Pie terms in a pre-incorporation agreement form. Includes implementation guide and 15-min consult.

United Kingdom


A law firm by grunts, for grunts. We offer legally-binding tax-efficient solutions for UK grunt funds to setup and share equity fairly.


Deborah Griffiths

Deborah specialises in commercial and intellectual property law. She has extensive complex contract drafting and business experience, including corporate IP securitisations. READ MORE...


Maxine Chow

Maxine specialises in corporate, M&A and business law. She is experienced in working with VCs and private equity, and has worked at LGC, the Wellcome Trust, Catalyst BioMedica, and Theodore Goddard. READ MORE...



Sarah Bartholomeusz

Sarah is the founder of You Legal. She has an active practice in corporate and commercial law, giving peace of mind to growing businesses at all stages of their lifecycle. READ MORE...

South America

Matais Apparcel

CHILE: Matias has acted as legal counsel for multiple early-stage investments within the Latin American region. He often participates as a mentor at local start-up competitions and was a legal advisor for Chile's National Entrepreneurs Association. READ MORE...