You have found the world's only fair startup equity calculator - Slicing Pie

You have found the world's only fair startup equity calculator!

Create a perfect partnership with Slicing Pie, a universal, one-size-fits all model that creates a perfectly fair equity split in an early-stage, bootstrapped startup company. The Pie Slicer software tracks your equity split in real time.

Learn It

Learn how Slicing Pie works from books, videos, articles, phone calls, even games

Legalize It

Find contract templates and Pie-friendly lawyers and professionals in your area.

Live It

Use the Slicing Pie software to keep track of your team’s equity split in real time.


Always 100% Fair

The Slicing Pie model is based on observable events and self-adjusts over time to stay fair no matter what changes over time.

Everyone Feels Respected and Taken Care Of


Slicing pie is the book I desperately needed to ensure that the friends I was starting a business with would remain my friends. It gives you the perfect formulas for fairly splitting your equity in a way that everyone feels respected and taken care of. A must read for all start ups!!

Jonny Wilson

Easy as Pie

The Pie Slicer software makes managing your equity split super easy. The Slicing Pie equity splits changes when participants make contributions of time, money, ideas, relationships, facilities, supplies, equipment or anything else the company needs. 

Slicing Pie Concept Has Opened Up Huge Possibilities


Slicing Pie and it’s Grunt Fund concept has opened up huge possibilities and fueled my urgency to take this venture nationwide as I now know how I’m going overcome time and money challenges.

Legal and Tax Friendly

Slicing Pie works everywhere. We have a network of Slicing Pie friendly lawyers who can help you and your team implement Slicing Pie agreements that maximize security and minimize taxes.

OMG I think I love you


Read about you in Start Start Up yesterday, bought the book, downloaded the calculator, signed up to trial [Harvest] ] (LOVE IT!) and am listening to your podcast. OMG I think I love you. Reading the concept, applying it to a friends current small business that is using a very funky retail strategy to empower women & promote & develop skills development, particularly in indigenous communities. We have been tortured by the last piece to fall into place – how to value sweat equity. YOU are a gift from the Universe and I am so grateful I found you. I love the values that are evident behind what you do. Your mission to embed this model as your own life reward was powerful – more strength to your arm : ) I will do what I can to promote it for you. It is just so right. respectfully, Antoinette PS You are a very relatable fella, your writing has great clarity and your pod cast gave a very good sense of who you are and where you are coming from.

Antoinette Danaher Marketing

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