Slicing Pie is the fairest way to split startup equity on the planet!

You have found the world's only fair startup equity calculator!

Create a perfect partnership with Slicing Pie, a universal, one-size-fits all model that creates a perfectly fair equity split in an early-stage, bootstrapped startup company. The Pie Slicer software tracks your equity split in real time.

Pie Slicer

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Find contract templates and Pie-friendly lawyers and professionals in your area.

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Use the Slicing Pie software to keep track of your team’s equity split in real time.


Always 100% Fair

The Slicing Pie model is based on observable events and self-adjusts over time to stay fair no matter what changes over time. The startup calculator equity helps to calculate the value of your own founder equity split and help you allocate equity to all your founders, employees and partners.

Slicing Pie Is The Answer We Were Looking For


Awesome book. I’ve been working on starting a startup together with a friend but we’ve never found a fair way to track our contributions (so we’ve been avoiding the topic). Slicing Pie is the answer we were looking for.

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Equity Split Calculator

Easy as Pie

The Pie Slicer software makes managing your equity split super easy. The Slicing Pie startup equity splits changes when participants make contributions of time, money, ideas, relationships, facilities, supplies, equipment or anything else the company needs. 

Thank You for Creating Simple System and Sharing It


I’m sure you get a million of these a day, but I just wanted to write you and personally thank you for creating this simple system and sharing it. I can’t tell you the heartache that I’ve gone through, loosing a business partner and best friend to the evils of a poorly thought out equity spit. Never again!

Stu Waters Marketing Manager

Legal and Tax Friendly

Slicing Pie works everywhere. We have a network of Slicing Pie friendly lawyers who can help you and your team implement Slicing Pie agreements that maximize security and minimize taxes.

I Thoroughly Enjoyed Reading This Book


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and look forward to implementing the strategy. This book has provided the exact strategy that I was looking for. For me, this concept is like business crack…I can’t get enough! Just passed your information onto one of my clients. Fun, fun, fun!

Erica Lane
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