Addison Comline Assisting Entrepreneurs with Slicing Pie - Slicing Pie

Addison Comline Assisting Entrepreneurs with Slicing Pie

Addison Comline, a professional service firm based in Sandton South Africa is excited to announce its association with Slicing Pie, a universal, one-size-fits all model that creates a perfectly fair equity split in an early-stage, bootstrapped start-up company.

Addison Comline provides trusted advice to bring clarity, insight and direction for clients wherever they are in their business journey. The firm is made up of professionals with deep on the ground experience in business negotiation,  capital structuring, valuation, contract drafting and the execution of transactions. 

The combination of corporate finance and legal services in one firm results in a convenient one-stop team, able to solve out of the ordinary business challenges and opportunities. Managing the entire transaction process, the firm can ensure that clients are successfully guided through the complex and often risky environment of corporate finance, legal, governance and tax issues.

Addison Comline has been advising clients on how to split equity with founders for over a decade. We have found that achieving an equitable equity split in a start-up business is almost impossible using the fix-now methodology. The Slicing Pie model achieves a fair outcome for all equity participants. In addition, each participant will actively move to see the business reach break-even faster than under the traditional model.

The firm has worked with numerous South African entrepreneurs who are eager to resolve the challenge of splitting equity in their new start-up. The relationship between founders can be heated, hence an independent advisor can often help in such matters.

The South African and broader African economy are focused on starting and growing new businesses as these are expected to provide the bulk of employment opportunities required by emerging economies.

The Slicing Pie model is another positive step in helping entrepreneurs start businesses.

Please refer to their website: for further details on the firm, partners and respective services offered.

About the Partners

Guy Addison holds an Honours degree in Business Science (UCT) and post graduate qualifications in Accounting and Law. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and member of the Association of Arbitrators. Guy has worked with listed and private companies on share structures, strategy and governance challenges for over two decades.

 Keith Comline holds an Honours degree in Business Science, LLB as well as an MBA from the University of Cape Town and Graduate School of Business, respectively. Keith has worked extensively in corporate finance, mining, intellectual property, commercial, litigation and property aspects of law.