Offer Letter

When hiring a Grunt for a company using a Grunt Fund care must be taken to set expectations about compensation. It’s important that they understand how a Grunt Fund works and that they are not entitled to cash compensation. Click below to download a sample offer letter for a company using a Grunt Fund.

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Grunt Fund (Non) Cheat Sheet

In the book I provide a table of summary calculations. This is a PDF of those summary calculations that you can use as a quick-reference for calculating relative values. You can use it along with the Grunt Fund Calculator or Pie Slicer tool to create your very own awesome Grunt Fund and watch it grow into a behemoth. Click Here […]

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Investor Repellent

There are many things that can repel an investor. Most of them have to do with a faulty business model or lack of a competitive advantage. However, sometimes your business will have real potential but the investor will flee when they take a look under the covers and see how the business is organized or financed during the formation stage.

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The JOBS Act: Is it a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

If entrepreneurs are successful, they will have to issue actual equity to a bunch of absentee owners in small lots. These shareholders will now have to sign off on shareholders agreements, operating agreements, and a variety of other things that can make life pretty complicated and scare off real investors.

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No Free Ride for Free Riders

Although a dynamic equity model is intrinsically fairer to participants, fixed equity splits will continue to be the norm because 1) dynamic models are a relatively new concept and 2) fixed models allow experienced entrepreneurs to take advantage of less experience entrepreneurs.

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The Grunt Fund Calculator

To help you form your very own Grunt Fund, we have created an Excel spreadsheet that calculates slices of pie based on the model in the book. The Pie Slicer software provides more accurate and more convenient tracking. Download the Grunt Fund Calculator  Download the Grunt Fund Calculator – Expanded to accommodate up to 20 Grunts! The […]

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My Feelings on Fairness

Treating people fairly in a start-up company means giving them a reward that is proportionate to the contributions made relative to others participating in the business. In other words, if you make 75% of the necessary contributions to a company you should enjoy 75% of the benefits when that company someday starts generating excess cash […]

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