Does Equity Compensation Substitute a Minimum Wage?

Special thanks to Slicing Pie-friendly attorney Matt Rossetti for legal guidance on this post. The answer is simple: no, but keep reading. Slicing Pie should help prevent claims. There are more than […]

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Addison Comline Assisting Entrepreneurs with Slicing Pie

 Addison Comline, a professional service firm based in Sandton South Africa is excited to announce its association with Slicing Pie, a universal, one-size-fits all model that creates a perfectly fair […]

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Slicing Pie Salary Survey – 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Slicing Pie Salary Survey! If you would, please complete the forms below. The first form is the survey and the second form is the optional entry into […]

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The Slicing Pie model is available for Spanish founders for the pre-incorporation phase

Drd. Alexandru Lazar

Barcelona: thanks to the efforts of Drd. Alexandru Lazar, partner at IntLaw Abogados, who customised for Spanish founders the Cofounder Agreement template – Spanish founders can now use the dynamic […]

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Wisy App Breaks Funding Records in Panama

Wisy App On the Move After Breaking Funding Records in Panama After shattering fundraising records in Panama, the Wisy App team relocated to Silicon Valley to spread its wings and […]

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Doing Right by the Environment and His Partners

The Pure Earth Cup

Taking a break from his technology career, Robbie Maltby spent a year traveling through Central America talking to entreprenuers. “I’d been practicing mindfulness with a local group for some years […]

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The Illusion of Control


I hear this all the time from founders: “I need to have 51% of the equity so I can ‘maintain control!’” Yes, if you own 51% you will probably technically […]

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The Problem with Equity as Compensation

When thinking about how to hire a team or acquire resources for your startup, it’s important—very important—to understand the difference between equity and compensation. I often hear people say that […]

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