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Fair Equity Splits for Student Startups

This whitepaper outlines some of the common pitfalls of how student startup teams split equity between cofounders. Conventional wisdom can be misleading and put students on a path towards equity […]

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The 3.5 Types of Startup Investors

There are basically three types of investors with one type kind of in-between. One: Grunts The first type are those who are willing to work without current compensation. These are generally team […]

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Lithuanian Founders Can Use the Slicing Pie Model

Standard Slicing Pie cofounder agreement template for pre-incorporation phase is now customized for Lithuania Dynamic equity split based on the slicing pie method is very popular with founders as an […]

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Startup Equity Calculators are Not All Created Equal

A quick search online will likely point you to other startup equity calculators that claim to create a fair split based on a variety of inputs such as each person’s […]

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Tips for Lawyers for Implementing Slicing Pie

The goal of Slicing Pie is to create a fair split and it is used by startup companies all over the world to do just that. As a lawyer, you […]

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Case Study: Shift/Co Launches Business GROWTH Platform based on a Win-Win-Win Mindset

Serial entrepreneur and social impact investor Terri Maxwell had an business concept that would require outside investment. Several clients encouraged her to start a community for Conscious Entrepreneurs based on […]

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Does Equity Compensation Substitute a Minimum Wage?

Special thanks to Slicing Pie-friendly attorney Matt Rossetti for legal guidance on this post. The answer is simple: no, but keep reading. Slicing Pie should help prevent claims. There are more than […]

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The Problem with Equity as Compensation

When thinking about how to hire a team or acquire resources for your startup, it’s important—very important—to understand the difference between equity and compensation. I often hear people say that […]

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Pie and Productivity

Flipping Burgers

Slicing Pie is based on the unpaid portion of the fair market value of each person’s contribution. In a startup, time is one of the most common contributions from founders […]

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