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Please Don’t Partition the Pie

If you want to be fair, use Slicing Pie. It will always give you what you deserve. If you want to benefit at the expense of others an old-fashion fixed split will give you the tools to let your ego and greed take control.

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Slicing Pie and the Fat, Stubborn Grunt

One of the most common ways people discover Slicing Pie is when they are in the midst of renegotiating a previously executed traditional fixed split and are frantically looking for a better way. Because fixed splits are unfair, unwinding them can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to create a new fixed-split agreement which will […]

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Founder Investments – When to Just Say “No”

One of the most common mistakes I see founders make is accepting cash investments from founders or employees who are also drawing a full or reduced salary. The idea, which is not a bad one, is that an individual would “buy in” to the company and get some “skin in the game.” The problem is that if the person is also drawing a salary all you have really accomplished is to create a tax consequence for both the company and the individual. To make matters worse, you also dilute the Pie.

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Why Fair Market Value is Fair

The fair market value of anything is the price a rational buyer would agree to pay a rational seller for it. For instance, the fair market value of a pop-up hot dog toaster is about $20. I know this because I reviewed prices from a number of online re-sellers and I consider myself a rational […]

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Pie Policy

A company policy is a rule of conduct that is designed to serve the interests of both the company and the individual. Policies are shared with employees and help them do their job. Company policies are usually spelled out in a company handbook or similar document.

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Seth Godin: On pie

On pie “This is all the pie I received, but that’s okay.” “I have a small piece of pie, but others have an even smaller piece, so I’m sharing mine.” “I want all the pie.” “I don’t want all the pie, just your piece.” “The pie isn’t big enough for all of us, I’m going […]

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Mike Moyer Interview on The Game Changer Network

To learn how to create a perfect equity split, click below to hear Mike’s interview with Chicke Fitzgerald, host of The Game Changer Network.

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Slicing Pie Case Study: statUP

The team used Slicing Pie during the critical bootstrapping phase of statUP and were able to terminate the Pie when they raised a seed round of funding in December of 2016. Isaiah said his experience was very positive, “we couldn’t have gotten where we are without Slicing Pie. We are grateful for the concept. Even though, ironically, once understood it sounds more ‘normal’ than alternatives!”

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Overcoming Objections to Slicing Pie

Slicing Pie is a new way of thinking about very old problem. Many smart people suffer from fear of the new (Neophobia) and fear of change (Metathesiophobia). Slicing Pie requires people to not only consider something new, but also change the way they think about a problem that’s been around since the Paleolithic era when […]

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Re-Calibration/Vesting Calculator Tool

Use this spreadsheet to determine how many shares the company should buy-back from participants so the new split aligns with the Slicing Pie allocation. Buying back shares, rather than issuing new shares, could help avoid unnecessary taxes. Talk to a Slicing Pie Lawyer about what’s best for you! NOTE: This process can also be used […]

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