Complete Course on How Slicing Pie Works. 

Learn the secrets used by thousands of startups all over the world to create a perfectly fair equity split.

Only $75...cheaper than the average hourly rate for a lawyer!

Allocation Logic

Learn how to ensure that each person on your startup team has exactly the right share of the company's more and no less. 

It's a self-adjusting formula that always stays fair no matter what changes over time. 

Recovery Logic

Not everybody is entitled to a share of the company when they separate from the team. Slicing Pie tells you how to handle exits fairly and avoids unnecessary buy-outs which can be a financial hardship for any startup.


Get answers to the most common questions and concerns about the Slicing Pie model.

Once you "get it," Slicing Pie will be an obvious solution for equity splits and the old ways will seem downright ridiculous!  

Lots of Downloads

Access spreadsheets, guides, and templates to facilitate implementation. The concept isn't rocket-science, but if anything gets confusing we'll make sure you have what you need to understand it.


Extra Cool Bonus

Get free copies of Pitch Ninja, Mike Moyer's book on how to give a powerful and persuasive investor presentation and Will Work for Pie,  Mike's follow-up guide to Slicing Pie that covers variable compensation programs and other compensation issues you might face.


Bonus Books:

Learn to pitch like a pro! Pitch Ninja is a unique guide to using powerful non-verbal communication skills make your pitch more powerful.

The long-awaited follow-up guide for Slicing Pie users. Covers variable compensation programs, bonus programs, sales compensation and more!

What they say about Slicing Pie...


Mike, you are epic!

Hal Zeitlin


Slicing Pie Has Been Fundamental

I have implemented successfully the methodology, including all the legal setup. We have been working on our solution for over 3 years and Slicing Pie has helped us to survive all obstacles and restrictions. We are close to releasing the beta. Slicing Pie has been fundamental.

Mario Pastrana


Incredibly Valuable

This book has been incredibly valuable for me.  Even more valuable is getting access to the author himself! I gave you 5/5 star review on amazon btw.  It has been one of the most impactful books I have ever encountered on business best practices.  

Calvin Mortley


Of Course this course is guaranteed 

Mind Blown or Your Money Back

The most common thing we hear about Slicing Pie is, "I wish I had known this before I started my last company!" While we can't change the past, we can solve your equity issues for the future. We promise that Slicing Pie won't just be good advice, but the best advice you have ever received on the subject. If it's not mind-blowing, we'll refund your money.