The Slicing Pie Game (Beta)

The best way to learn the Slicing Pie model is to experience how it works for yourself. The Slicing Pie Game simulates the life cycle of a startup company and shows players how the model unfolds over time as compared to a traditional fixed split.

The game is played in teams of 4-6 people. For best results, play in an event or classroom setting as the game play sometimes causes people to quit or get fired from their team in which case they must join another team!

To play the game, each player must access their own online card deck using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. One player per team must also access the online tracking tool on a tablet or laptop so they can keep track of each person's turn. The person tracking not only keeps track, but also plays with their own card deck.

Each person should click the button below to access their own card deck.

One person should click the button below to access the game tracker in addition to the other button.

The Game Tracker is brand-spakin' new and we would love your feedback on how it works. Please watch the video below, then access the card deck and game tracker and spend a few minutes going through it on your own or with other players. Next, provide feedback using the form below.