Grunt Fund (Non) Cheat Sheet

In the book I provide a table of summary calculations. This is a PDF of those summary calculations that you can use as a quick-reference for calculating relative values. You can use it along with the Grunt Fund Calculator or Pie Slicer tool to create your very own awesome Grunt Fund and watch it grow into a behemoth.

Click Here to Download the Grunt Fund Cheat Sheet



  • […] Time isn’t the only input an individual can provide. Other inputs include cash, loans, ideas, intellectual property, important resources (like equipment and supplies), strategic relationships and even things like office space. Nearly everything in a start-up company that can’t be bought with cash (if you don’t have it) can be acquired with equity. A dynamic model will tell you exactly how much each is worth relative to other inputs. Everything has a relative value that is fair to the provider and the other participants. Over time these relative values really add up. I’ve posted a summary of how to calculate relative values here. […]

  • Darwin Sanoy says:

    It really ought to be called the “Non-Cheat Sheet” ;)

  • Patricia O'Sullivan says:

    Or perhaps it should be called Equity 101
    I wish I knew a way to get this concept into the hands of every startup!

  • RocketClub says:

    This is awesome. Just awesome.

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