Grunt Fund Directory

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Grunt Fund Directory

  • Contact: Ryan McGeary
  • Phone: (571) 989-2879
CULTIVA Solutions
  • Contact: James Gordon
  • Phone: (813) 505-4657
Detrick DeBurr
  • Phone: 9728498916
  • Contact: Annie Nguyen
Jake Marmulstein (self)
  • Contact: Jake Marmulstein
Lunar Giant
  • Contact: Jay Margalus
Mark Gibbins (self)
  • Contact: Mark Gibbins
  • Phone: (61 ) 416 00094
Matthew Rossetti
  • Contact: Matthew Rossetti
  • Phone: (312) 618-9900
  • Contact: Andre Dickson
  • Phone: (868) 345-1378
  • Contact: Aart Nicolai
Mystery Lunch
  • Contact: Stefan Melbinger
Pesn Bio-fuels
  • Contact: Shajil kumar
  • Phone: (91) 9986700512
  • Contact: Joseph Lucchese
  • Phone: (702) 610-6661
  • Phone: (714) 417-1109
Stretto Consulting
  • Contact: Jeremiah Jones
  • Contact: Jan Ameri
  • Contact: Bart Jenkins
  • Phone: (571) 331-0739
WyR | What you Rave
  • Contact: Nick Petit
  • Phone: 312.972.7223
  • Contact: C.Y. Lee
  • […] habe auf meiner Website eine Liste von Gründern, die den Grunt Fund einsetzen und gerne davon berichten. Ein kürzliches Beispiel: Ich bin Teilhaber einer Firma für […]

  • ProFile Sports says:

    Has anyone developed an employment offer letter as it pertains to working for pie?

  • JayMoLaw says:

    Hey Mike! My consulting firm has been building software forever, and we are a tight group. We finally have a seriously promising product and began the process of bootstrapping a startup (with revenue already being earned). We had a heck of a time dividing our equity, and for the first time our close family began resenting one another. Your system has been a lifesaver.

    My question: Once we are up and running, can we list ourselves in your grunt fund directory? We are already singing your praises, and would love to show the world just how much your advice has meant to us.

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