Introducing The Slicing Pie Handbook

slicing-pie-handbook-coverBuilding upon the worldwide success of the Slicing Pie equity formula, The Slicing Pie Handbook teaches, guides and inspires entrepreneurs to boldly enter business partnerships knowing that financial gains will be fairly distributed to all participants. The book provides actionable, detailed instructions for creating an airtight business partnership in a world where unfair agreements are the rule, not the exception.

Author Mike Moyer, a career entrepreneur, angel investor and faculty member in entrepreneurship at both Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, is an experienced entrepreneur who has been involved in many partnerships with both happy and not-so-happy endings. He invented the Slicing Pie equity model to provide a logical framework to allocate business profits and other income to early company participants. “The Slicing Pie Handbook provides not only step-by-step instructions for implementing creating a foolproof partnership agreement, but also for fixing partnership agreements already in place,” explained Moyer.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of laying the right foundation for a business partnership. Noam Wasserman, author of The Founder’s Dilemmas, wrote the foreword for The Slicing Pie Handbook. As a faculty member at Harvard University, he conducted a longitudinal study of startup companies and found that many founders formed partnerships based on “quick handshakes” and equal equity splits which often lead to important issues for the company and team. The Slicing Pie model provides a framework to avoid problems associated with traditional methods.

“The Slicing Pie model has been used successfully in companies all over the world,” said Moyer, “the new book will make it even easier for entrepreneurs to implement the model in their own startups. The traditional models for equity ownership are simply inadequate for today’s fast-paced entrepreneurial environment. Slicing Pie is the only way a team can guarantee a fair split.”