Complete Course on How Slicing Pie Works. It's Free!

Learn the secrets used by thousands of startups all over the world to create a perfectly fair equity split.

Allocation Logic

Learn how to ensure that each person on your startup team has exactly the right share of the company's more and no less. 

It's a self-adjusting formula that always stays fair no matter what changes over time. 

Recovery Logic

Not everybody is entitled to a share of the company when they separate from the team. Slicing Pie tells you how to handle exits fairly and avoids unnecessary buy-outs which can be a financial hardship for any startup.


Get answers to the most common questions and concerns about the Slicing Pie model.

Once you "get it," Slicing Pie will be an obvious solution for equity splits and the old ways will seem downright ridiculous!  


Thank You So Much

Thank you so much for tonight’s presentation on Slicing Pie. Your knowledge, understanding, and passion for the topic really came through. Equity has always been such a point of anxiety for me and your presentation tonight has completely alleviated all of that. I can’t believe this is the first I’ve heard of this methodology. I am so relieved and grateful that I went to your presentation tonight before making a handshake fixed split equity deal with my future partners…and think they will be grateful as well.

Greg Carlson Founder