Luxembourg Founders Can Use the Slicing Pie Model

Standard slicing pie cofounder agreement template for pre-incorporation phase is now customized for Luxembourg.

Dynamic equity split based on the slicing pie method is very popular with founders as an alternative to the traditional fixed equity splits. Why? Because it is transparent, fair and future proof. And it provides an understandable and objective methodology. It also accommodates for the uncertain future, which is the main blind spot of the fixed splits.

Luxembourg: thanks to the efforts of Aurélien Hollard, Harrison Dans and Tristan Louet, CMS Luxembourg, who customized for Luxembourg founders the pre-incorporation Cofounder Agreement template using the dynamic equity split! The dynamic equity split is based on Mike Moyer’s slicing pie method. This is great news for Luxembourg early stage founders, as it gives them the opportunity to use the ‘fairest equity split tool’ and avoid many potential issues that are caused by fixed equity split in too early stages.
CMS Luxembourg aims to support all innovative projects, the dynamic equity split based on the slicing pie model being one of them. We were therefore pleased to support Jana Nevrlka in the drafting of the pre-incorporation Cofounder agreement specific to our jurisdiction. We thank Jana Nevrlka for her trust and we are proud to be part of this ambitious project.

The solution is based on the standardized templates developed by Jana Nevrlka, the founder of Cofounding, who coordinates the development of the slicing pie solution for European founders together with great help and support of Mike Moyer and other local slicing pie experts.
Mike Moyer, the US-based inventor of the Slicing Pie model, was pleased to hear the development “Slicing Pie is used by thousands of companies all over the world and most countries encourage fairness, but it is always nice to give founders that extra certainty that the model is aligned with the local rules and have local Slicing Pie expertise available.”

Aurélien Hollard

Triston Louet

Harrison Dans

About Aurélien Hollard
Partner – Attorney at law (avocat à la cour)

Aurélien heads the Investment Funds practice. He is specialised in the formation of alternative investment funds (AIFs) and has significant experience in structuring funds for private equity, venture capital, private debt, real estate and infrastructure. Aurélien assists both local and international clients in the structuring of Luxembourg AIFs, whether organised as unregulated (SV, SCSp, Sàrl), semi-regulated (RAIF) or regulated (SIF, SICAR, Part II) funds. He also advises institutional investors in their investments as well as management companies in their legal and regulatory requirements.
Aurélien also assist local and international clients in their securitisation and capital market transactions, for both debt and equity, whether exempted, publicly authorised and/or listed. Aurélien also leads sustainable and digital campaigns within CMS and is therefore deeply involved in ESG and fund tokenisation. He is a fully qualified lawyer admitted to the Bars of Paris and Luxembourg.

About Harrison Dans
Managing Associate – Attorney at law (avocat à la cour)

Harrison is a Managing Associate in our Investment Funds team. He specialises in the structuring of alternative investment funds (regulated and unregulated) having private equity, real estate, and debt strategies. Harrison has notably been involved in setting up and launching various real estate and private equity funds in the form of investment companies with variable capital – reserved alternative investment funds. He also has buy-side experience, advising institutional, professional and sovereign investors with regard to fund reviews. He has also developed expertise in the field of pension funds.

About Tristan Louet
Associate – Lawyer (juriste d’affaires)

Tristan is an Associate in CMS Luxembourg investment funds practice.
He intervenes on the set-up of Luxembourg alternative investment funds including all related matters such draft and review fund legal documentation.

About Cofounding

Cofounding is creating tools and know how for founders, which include cofounder agreement templates, equity split tools and courses, and a proven 7 steps of cofounding the right way methodology, developed by Dr. Jana Nevrlka. It is summarised in an international bestseller, Cofounding The Right Way. Jana is driven by the mission of “No more failed business partnerships!” .. that could have been prevented. She is focused on helping founders build cofounding teams that win and last.

About Slicing Pie

Slicing Pie is a universal, one-size-fits-all solution for the allocation and recovery of equity in an early-stage, bootstrapped company. It is a formula that allows founders to divide equity based on the fair market value of each participant’s contribution. It is a fair, logical and structured way to align everyone’s interests and incentives. Slicing Pie is used all over the world. It is, by far, the fairest way to split equity in an early-stage, bootstrapped startup! Developed by Mike Moyer.