Grunt Funds are perfect for bootstrapped start-up companies who want to use equity when they don’t have cash. If your company has enough money to pay people for their goods and services you won’t have to use equity. One of the best ways to get money is to generate revenues and profits, but you can also go out and raise the money from investors.

When you raise money from investors you can use the money to pay people you might have otherwise given equity to. If you pay them a fair market rate then they should be happy because they are no longer taking risk.

Professional investors may want to use more traditional fixed equity splits when they put in substantial cash. This is fine as long as all the Grunts in the herd are being treated fairly.

OwnYourVenture.com is a site that will help you calculate your pie after significant rounds of investment using a fixed model.

Just enter the results of your Grunt Fund in the “Who are the Founders?” section as shown below: