Pitch Ninja Beta Version

Pitch Ninja Beta Version

Pitch Ninja CoverI am happy to announce that I have completed the Beta version of Pitch Ninja: Persuasive Pitching and Presenting. This new book provides detailed instructions on how to deliver an engaging presentation on any topic. The book is based on the Super Awesome Presentation Zone Program, which divides the presentation space into three distinct zones including the Intimacy Zone, the Excitement Zone and the Information Zone. Each zone has a collection of corresponding non-verbal techniques that allow you to connect with your audience at a new level. The concepts are easy to understand and unlike any presentation book you have read before.

The Beta version is a pre-release version available in PDF format for anyone who would like to provide feedback. This means that it may still be a little rough around the edges and not quite ready for prime time. Individuals who provide meaningful feedback will be acknowledged in the book. There are a limited number of copies available so get yours today!

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If you’re looking for the $3.00 version, it’s gone. It’s now $4.00!

You may wonder why I’m charging for the book instead of giving it away. This is part of my market test. If the content isn’t compelling enough to warrant a low price it probably won’t generate a regular price. This helps me determine how much time to spend on this particular project. If you want a copy, but don’t want to pay, please contact me and we can probably work something out!