Slicing Pie for Jump Chile

I'm looking forward to visiting Santiago, Chile for some Slicing Pie events! Below is the flyer for the December 16th event. I hope you can make it!



  • Roger D. Brown Sr.

    It is encouraging to see international interest in the dynamic equity split paradigm and process. Do you have any evidence of adoption cases in Europe? I am very interested in adopting the Slicing Pie approach in our company in The Netherlands.

    • Yes. Slicing Pie is big in the Netherlands. The book is available in Dutch, there is a SlicingPie.nl web site and I can connect you with an attorney in Amsterdam. I have done a number of talks there and I’m always looking to return!


      • Roger D. Brown Sr.

        Thank you mIke. Yes I would like the contact of the attorney in Amsterdam.
        I am physically located in the US. The company and all operations are in the NL.
        I will see what I can do in the future to get you back over there.
        Thank you for the Dutch version link. I am going to buy a copy of the book for each team member. Everyone is Dutch except me.