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Get the Book

Visit to buy the highly-rated Slicing Pie book by Mike Moyer.

Legalize It

Connect with Slicing Pie-friendly lawyers and access contract templates.


The online Pie-Slicer software helps you and your team keep track of your slices.


Download an Excel Spreadsheet to help you keep track of your Grunt Fund.


Attend a live or online event with Mike Moyer, author of Slicing Pie. 

Video Lecture

See Mike Moyer present the Slicing Pie model recorded live.

Six Packs

Order a discounted six-pack of Slicing Pie with a free prize inside.

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Get Help

Set up a phone call with Mike Moyer to jump-start your success with the Slicing Pie model.

A La Mode

Access bonus content mentioned in Slicing Pie like offer letters and case studies.

Retrofit Guide

Already started with a fixed split? Get a clean start with the retrofit/forecast guide. 

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Get the Game

Play the Slicing Pie Game to experience the model in action!


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