Slicing Pie Retrofit/Forecast Guide

Many founders discover the Slicing Pie model after they have already succumbed to a dreaded fixed split. This guide outlines the process for retrofitting the Slicing Pie model using the Retrofitting/Forecast Tool spreadsheet that you can download below. Some ideas for doing this retrofit is covered in the Slicing Pie book so if you’re not familiar with the model, this may not make perfect sense.




Download the Excel spreadsheet.Click here. 

What to do if you and your co-founders have already entered into a dreaded fixed equity split deal!

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  • Quora says:

    Co-founder who won’t negotiate in good faith the buyout she asked for… What do I do?

    Download the Slicing Pie retrofit guide: Go through it. It will tell you what the split should be right now. This will help you put things in perspective. If you are still on decent terms with yo…

  • Auggernaut says:

    Any chance you could make this a Google Doc Sheet?

  • Frank says:

    Hello, we’re a CA S-Corp that’s had 1 owner since inception in 1998. We’re considering offering equity to a few key employees for the first time. Does this tool support the S-Corp-specific rules and considerations (i.e. flow-through of profits and associated taxes, proportionate distributions, etc?) Or am I on the wrong track? If any S-Corps have used it, please share your experiences!

  • Fernando Encluna says:

    I’m not a lawyer,but I don’t know if this is applicable to my startup where 3 kids are my co-founders, and I’m planning to take another 3 to be my co-founders to provide me some help in technology, financing and running my virtual startup company

    • Mike Moyer says:

      Hi Fernando,

      Based on what you described, Slicing Pie is 100% applicable to your situation UNLESS, you are planning on simply paying your co-founders their full fair market salary out of your own pocket in which case you would keep 100%.

      If you expect the co-founders to work without salary in exchange for equity Slicing Pie will make sure they each get what they deserve.


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