Slicing Pie: The Best Way to Start Your Dream Business During a Downturn

Many potential clients and current clients have been asking us whether they should pursue their dreams and start their new business despite challenging economic conditions or put their plans on hold. While we understand that it is exceedingly difficult to raise capital and the cost of capital is increasing, we advise everyone to follow their dreams. In fact, in our opinion, challenging economic conditions are the perfect time to start a new business (I have done it) if you are using the right equity allocation model.

What is the right model?

If you are on a limited budget, plan to bootstrap your venture, and are seeking a fair method of sharing equity with your cofounders, dynamic equity is the answer. Mike Moyer, the author of The Slicing Pie Handbook and Will Work For Pie, lays the foundation for perfectly fair equity splits for bootstrapped startups. We have developed a legal framework for limited liability companies that will allow you to start your business with minimal cash investment and fairly and proportionately distribute equity.

How does the model work?

Slicing Pie or dynamic equity provides for both an equity allocation framework as well as a recovery framework. We contractually set initial specific goals for the venture at the outset. Upon founding of the business all uncompensated time, cash contributions, etc. (we call these “Inputs”) that go into the venture are tracked. When the initial specific goals are accomplished we “bake the pie” and enter into a new agreement under which each member’s ownership stake is based on their Inputs as compared to the Inputs provided by everyone.

For example, if Alex and I start a business today and our initial specific goal is to achieve $10k in monthly revenue. Upon reaching said goal, we look at our relative contributions to the venture and determine what percentage of the venture each of us should own at that time.

In other words, instead of the founders of a venture attempting to predict the future (wouldn’t that be nice!), Slicing Pie or dynamic equity provides for a quantitative algorithmic method of equity distribution. This model also provides for a recovery framework in the instance that one of the founders of the venture decides to quit for good reason or no reason at all or is terminated for cause.


There is no time like the present! Slicing Pie and dynamic equity will allow you to follow your dreams and start a new business with a limited amount of cash capital. Schedule a free consultation with us today here to discuss how we can help you make the most of challenging times.