Support Ukraine by Buying The Slicing Pie Handbook in Ukrainian

Dmytro Hlazunov is a fellow Grunt and a Ukrainian citizen fighting for his country. He and I have been in touch since 2019 when he approached me about translating The Slicing Pie Handbook into Ukrainian. The translation was completed in 2019 and we even created a special cover for it.

He writes:

I am on frontline with armed forces of Ukraine in the hottest spot for now, Severodonetsk. I am in need of some ammunition and our battalion lacks drones, action cameras for making save viewpoints, radio devices. So, it will be nice if you can post my requisites link pinned in my FB profile. Also, I am with other people starting to organize retreat /research center for people who been affected by the war. We would like to use there all possible methods for psyche recovery, so if you know any lobbyists, people from psychological, psychedelics communities or anyone who will be interested in that kind of project and have ideas how it may look/work it will be nice to connect with them.

Given the current situation in Ukraine, I am not taking a royalty on the translation so 100% of the revenue from the sale of the Ukrainian version of The Slicing Pie Handbook goes directly to Dimitri to help him and his battalion fight the war. Click on the Ukrainian book cover below to buy a copy. You can name your own price for the book and, again, all of the money goes to Dimitri!

100% of the revenue goes directly to Dimitri!

PS: According to Dimitri the best military/medical organizations to donate to is the Serhiy Prytula Charity Fund