The Pie Slicer Update: Fall 2017 - Slicing Pie

The Pie Slicer Update: Fall 2017

I am pleased to announce the release of a major update to the Slicing Pie Pie Slicer online software which will be live on Monday, October 2, 2017.

Used by thousands of Grunts, the Pie Slicer software is the easiest way to track and manage a perfectly fair equity split during the bootstrapping stage of a company’s development.

The biggest change is a complete overhaul of the graphical user interface. It has been updated and reorganized a little to provide a better overall experience. We fixed the overall look of the program and some little things, for instance, each person’s color is consistent on all screens and graphs.

Additionally, the UI is responsive making entries from a mobile device more enjoyable!

Repeat Contributions

Now you can set a contribution to repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly or annually. This makes it easier to track predictable contributions like a weekly salary, monthly office rent or an annual software license.

Lump-Sum Payments

When cash flow is sporadic it’s difficult to predict when a partial salary can be paid with any regularity. In many cases team members are paid when cash is available depending on what the company can afford. These payments can be logged as Lump-Sum payments in the Pie Slicer. Making a Lump-Sum payment will reduce someone’s at-risk contributions and, therefore, reduce his or her slices in the Pie. The payment deducts cash slices first, then non-cash.

Contribution Approvals Restriction

Too many people adding contributions willy-nilly can get a little hard to manage. Pie owners/admins can set a user account to require approvals for each new contribution. So, when a restricted user logs a contribution, it is held as pending until the Pie owner approves it. Owners get an email alert when a new contribution is waiting to be approved. This feature can come in handy for new participants who are still getting used to working in a Slicing Pie company, people who work part time and make sporadic contributions, or people who have received a performance warning and are under close supervision.

View-Only Restriction

Pie owners/admins can set a user account to view-only which prevents the participant from being able to log their own contributions. This is useful for small or infrequent contributors. For instance, a Pie owner could set up a repeat allocation of slices in lieu of rent payments and provide a view-only account to the landlord so he or she can monitor his or her slices.

Analytics Reports

The Pie Analytics Reports have been updated based on our conversations with professional investors who take an interest in the activities of the company during the due diligence process. Managers can now see a breakdown of contributions by person, project or type in both slices and fair market value. These reports give managers and investors insight into how the team invests their time, money and other resources.

Daily and Weekly Email Summaries

Pie participants can request a daily or weekly email summary showing their own contribution activity and that of the entire team. Summaries include information for all Pies in which the user is participating.

Re-Hire a Grunt

The recent update allows companies to re-hire participants who resigned or were terminated. This feature was requested by users. Sometimes a participant has to leave a company for personal reasons, but may want to rejoin when the situation changes.

Email the Team

Email all active participants with one click. This is a small, but useful feature that comes in handy when sending information to Pie participants that you may not want to share with everyone in the company (aka non-participants).


Current Pie owners will never have a price increase on active Pies. Current pricing will remain in effect for new Pies until late October so sign-up now to lock-in the lowest price!