The Super-Awesome Presentation Zone Program

The Super-Awesome Presentation Zone Program

Nearly all of the business plan presentation teaching and coaching and lessons that I’ve seen over the years focuses on what you’re going to say. They never focus on how you say it. This is unfortunate because so much of the message is communicated through non-verbal cues. I’ve seen great business ideas get buried under horrible presentations. I’ve also seen mediocre ideas succeed with great presentations.

What’s lacking in business plan presentation teaching is the choreography of presenting your case. A good presentation is like a well-choreographed dance made up of dance steps that are practiced and mastered. The Super-Awesome Presentation Zone Program provides a framework for choreographing a business presentation to make it shine. The framework include three zone including Intimacy, Excitement and Information. Each zone has its own rules for a variety of non-verbal “dance steps” that cover body positioning, arm movements, eye contact, slide content and even tone of voice.

Using these techniques anyone can add sparkle to their presentation that might just make the difference between raising money or going out of business.

Over the years I’ve done in-depth coaching with student teams using these techniques. All of them have won.

To download a copy of the slides: Mike Moyer’s Super-Awesome Presentation Zone Program

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