Version 2.0 Notes

Slicing Pie- Mike MoyerI’m happy to announce that Slicing Pie Version 2.0 is available for review by interested Grunts! Click on the book to get your copy!

Members of the Free Upgrade List have already received a PDF version of the book.

Most of the updates in Version 2.0 are as a direct result of conversations I have with readers who have questions or comments about the model and how to implement it. The basic concept has not changed since the beginning, but I have provided additional detail and clarification on certain topics.

Version 2.0 contains the following:

  1. Updated dedication (because we had a new baby)
  2. More detail on how to value and provide appropriate rewards for ideas and intellectual property
  3. A new chapter about how to retrofit the model to existing companies
  4. An updated chapter (with a new title: “Legalize It”) on legal issues you will want to discuss with your lawyer
  5. QR Codes that link to A La Mode topics
  6. Grunt Glossary (please let me know if I should add other terms)
  7. A variety of graphical and grammatical edits
  8. A new cartoon at the end

After Version 2.0 has been reviewed and finalized it will replace the current version on

To keep informed on future updates be sure to sign up for free upgrades. More information on how to do this is provided later in the book.