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Lithuanian Founders Can Use the Slicing Pie Model

Standard Slicing Pie cofounder agreement template for pre-incorporation phase is now customized for Lithuania Dynamic equity split based on the slicing pie method is very popular with founders as an alternative to the traditional fixed equity splits. Why? Because it is transparent, fair and future proof. And it provides an understandable and objective methodology. It […]

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Tips for Lawyers for Implementing Slicing Pie

The goal of Slicing Pie is to create a fair split and it is used by startup companies all over the world to do just that. As a lawyer, you may not have heard of the Slicing Pie model or maybe you have, and you are skeptical. I have been working with lawyers and startups […]

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Does Equity Compensation Substitute a Minimum Wage?

Special thanks to Slicing Pie-friendly attorney Matt Rossetti for legal guidance on this post. The answer is simple: no, but keep reading. Slicing Pie should help prevent claims. There are more than twenty federal laws that regulate employer-employee relationships. Federal, state, and sometimes local law mandates an employer’s minimum wage. On the federal level, the Fair Labor […]

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The Problem with Equity as Compensation

When thinking about how to hire a team or acquire resources for your startup, it’s important—very important—to understand the difference between equity and compensation. I often hear people say that they are “paid with equity” or “earn equity” at their company. And, while it is technically possible to pay someone with equity, it is rarely […]

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Pie and Productivity

Flipping Burgers

Slicing Pie is based on the unpaid portion of the fair market value of each person’s contribution. In a startup, time is one of the most common contributions from founders which means the first step in establishing a new partnership with a co-founder is to determine the person’s fair market salary. This is the amount […]

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The Only Cofounder Equity Calculator – Founders Pie Calculator

Startup Equity Calculator

The Pie Slicer, helps team keep track who deserves equity and how much. The tool automatically adjusts based on observable changes in team membership, commitment levels, financial commitments, and even changes in corporate strategy.

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Slicing Pie in Germany: Pre-Incorporation Agreements Available

Berlin: thanks to the efforts of Stefanie Strümpfler, partner of dextrae Rechtsanwälte · Fachanwälte, who customised for German founders the Cofounder Agreement template – German founders can now use the dynamic equity split based on Mike Moyer’s Slicing Pie method for their projects until incorporation.  This is great news for German early-stage founders, as it […]

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Slicing Pie in Canada

Mike Moyer, inventor of the Slicing Pie Startup Equity Calculator and JP McAvoy, a Canada-based Slicing Pie-friendly lawyer discuss the Slicing Pie equity model and considerations for the Canadian legal system.

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Having a Baby is Not a Good Reason to Resign

In the Slicing Pie model having a baby is considered “good reason” to quit and, therefore, the quitter gets to keep her slices in the Pie (subject to dilution when more slices are added by others). This may cause some controversy, so it’s important to understand what good reason means in the context of Slicing Pie and being fair.

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